Our Chef

Born in the Northern state of Punjab, India – Award winning Chef Rashpal Sunner has been decorated with ‘Ethnic Chef of the Year’ and several listings in acclaimed Good Food Guides.

Rashpal adopted his passion for food from a place where the quality and verity of food reflected its fabulous Moghul and Maharaja heritage. Rashpal also began learning and perfecting his art from his Mothers kitchen, inheriting her taste for great blends and flavour. In time Rashpal has inspired his own son Kindi, a winner of several awards in the hospitality industry.

Rashpal’s passion for gardening nurtures his love and respect for nature’s basic ingredients. He is also a keen traveller using his experience to constantly add to his catalogue of skills and techniques. His talent has led him to cater for some of the worlds top VIP’s such as Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.

If you would like to try the delicious food Rashpal has created for so many others, visit our
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and see for yourself why Rashpal has received the praise and accolades he has.