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Indian & Asian Wedding Caterers

Spice up your wedding with the unique opulence and Eastern allure of our Indian wedding catering service. We will ignite your vision and bring it to life with eloquence and grandeur that is habitually Five Rivers.

Your wedding is an expression of your’s and your partner’s individual creative flair as well as the beginning of your journey as a unity, therefore you want a venue and catering experience that takes you on a passionate journey, tailored to your’s and your partners unique tastes. We will take you on that journey. Our Asian wedding catering experience will take your wedding into the sultry realms of the East, but here in the heart of the West Midlands.

We understand that your wedding has to be tailored to your every whim, it is one day that is about celebrating the glorious matrimony of two individuals harmonised into one entity, therefore everything has to be arranged perfectly and be an expression of you and your partner’s unique individuality. This is why we will provide an Indian wedding catering experience that breaths the essence of you and your partner’s individuality coupled with Five River’s flawless ability to cater Weddings for the individual; down to the tiniest detail.

We have a history of working in the catering and events industry that stretches back many years. We can assure you that we have the experience to provide you a bespoke wedding experience, crafted with an eye for detail and executed with flawless planning and precision. From our experience in the industry we have also gained a wealth of venue choices that we can provide to you, based upon your vision of your wedding day. We can provide you a venue from our extensive and esteemed list of options, and have it tailored to your every desire and wish. You will be able to enjoy your special day in style and relaxation as we will tailor every minute detail and ensure that everything flows serenely, we will ensure that your day is one that people will remember.

Our mouth-watering menu prepared by award - winning chefs will provide you with a bona-fide aromatic taste of India crafted not only to pique your taste-buds but to also look beautiful and appetising.

If you are enticed by the passionate flavours of the East whether it be Asian or Indian, would like an exotic journey for you and your partner, taken by our extensive choice of diverse venues or merely have a penchant for Asian wedding catering then why not get in contact with us so we can discuss how we can make your wedding day truly exotic, opulent and memorable for years to come.